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Want a Winchester Super Grade or a Weatherby Mark V in the caliber of your choice? Book one of our Premium Hunts for this fall and we will include a prestigious rifle in the hunt package.

This year has been challenging for us. We had a mild winter which was great for the elk. Our bulls came through in the best shape ever and the antler growth has been phenomenal, but statewide the snow pack was only 20% of normal. There was very little runoff and as a result our holding ponds did not fill up. The stream that runs through the hunting area has been dry for several weeks.  Our well quit producing, and the lack of rain this spring and summer have made it necessary to haul water to stock tanks. 
Because of these circumstances we want to reduce our herd by 10% above the number set for normal management goals and therefore offering a quality rifle to our premium hunt packages.

Have a different rifle that you would prefer? How about a Sako or a lightweight Tikka T3 with a Leopold scope? We will work with you to get you the rifle you desire as our gift to you when you book a hunt for this year for one of our spectacular bulls.  

Legacy Hunt

Platinum Hunt

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$19,900 - 450 Class

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$14,900 - 415+ Class

$11,900 - 400+ Class

Bronze Hunt

Mature Harvest Hunt

$9,900 - 375+ Class

$7,900 - 340-375 Class

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